Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are a 3D Museum & 9D Cinema, themed around Europe’s oldest civilization, the Minoans. If you’d like to read more about the Minoans have a look here.

A 3D Museum is a museum you can interact with. Elaborate paintings and statues are waiting for you to snap a picture with and watch them come to life through your phone’s camera. We utilize forced perspective as our way of giving your picture a 3D appearance.

No, we are not. According to the Greek legislation system it’s not allowed for private individuals or businesses to own archeological artifacts. Thus, our exhibitions are carefully handcrafted replicas and original art based on frescos found in Crete and Santorini.

Our 9D cinema is a unique combination of a FullHD 3D projector with 3000 WATT 5.1 surround audio and 11 special effects that offer a fully immersive experience.

Our special Effects include:

  • Movement and earthquake simulation

  • Wind

  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Bubbles

  • Lightnings

  • Smoke

  • And many more waiting for you to discover!

There are no age restrictions since our movie is education focused, but we recommend the 9D Experience for children above 3 yo. Children under 3 yo, can be seated on the parent’s laps, for free (with no headsets). The chairs are moving, it could get loud and immersive with all the special effects, we do not guarantee that they might not get bothered. You can always raise your hand during the movie and our trained employees can help you out.

Due to the nature of our 9D movie, motion is part of our experience. While it’s not very intense, pregnant women or people who suffer from chronic back pain, vertigo or motion sickness might feel a small level of discomfort. Regular, not moving seatings are available and during the whole time there is personnel available that can assist you. Please inform us beforehand for any health related matter.


Yes, both our 3D museum & 9D cinema are fully accessible.

45 minutes. There is a new show every 45 minutes. You need 15 minutes for the photoshoot in our 3D Museum and 30 minutes for the screening of the  4 movies in the 9D Cinema.

Our 9D cinema is equipped with a state of the art multilingual system. Each guest is offered a pair of bone conduction headsets and 14 available languages to choose from. See more here.

We are located at Ipsilanton 10, Chania. Less than a five minute walk from the Old Marketplace of Chania and the central bus station. Click here for a map.

There is no dedicated parking space available, but there are 2 parking stations nearby. Also, street parking is usually an option. You could always go for our city’s eco-friendly means of transportation such us rental bikes or electric scooters and avoid traffic.

There is not. Food and drinks are not allowed in order to avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, not. We do not offer any storage or pet care services.

Yes, of course. For your own safety there are some limitations. Please read our safety rules and the accesibility information here.

If you have more questions please get in touch with us!

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