Experience the History of Crete Like Never Before!

Are you ready to explore the 3D Museum and experience the 9 Dimensions at the 9D Cinema?

4 Movies / 30' minute Screening

10' 3D Museum Photo Tour

5' "Beauty of Crete"

5' Introduction Documentary

15' "Minoan’s World" 9D movie

5' "Canyon Coaster" 9D movie

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Screening Times

- Opening at 11:00 -


• 12:00

• 12:45

• 13:30

• 14:15

• 15:00

• 15:45

• 16:30

• 17:15

- Closing at 17:45 -


The tickets include both the 3D Museum Tour & the 9D Movies

Adults 18€

13 - 64 years old

Children 12€

3 - 12 years old

Families 48€ 42€

2 Adults + 1 Kid

Specials 16€

Seniors 65+ & People
with Special Needs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are a 3D Museum & 9D Cinema, themed around Europe’s oldest civilization, the Minoans. If you’d like to read more about the Minoans have a look here.

A 3D Museum is a museum you can interact with. Elaborate paintings and statues are waiting for you to snap a picture with and watch them come to life through your phone’s camera. We utilize forced perspective as our way of giving your picture a 3D appearance.

No, we are not. According to the Greek legislation system it’s not allowed for private individuals or businesses to own archeological artifacts. Thus, our exhibitions are carefully handcrafted replicas and original art based on frescos found in Crete and Santorini.

Our 9D cinema is a unique combination of a FullHD 3D projector with 3000 WATT 5.1 surround audio and 11 special effects that offer a fully immersive experience.

Our special Effects include:

  • Movement and earthquake simulation

  • Wind

  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Bubbles

  • Lightnings

  • Smoke

  • And many more waiting for you to discover!

There are no age restrictions since our movie is education focused, but we recommend the 9D Experience for children above 3 yo. Children under 3 yo, can be seated on the parent’s laps, for free (with no headsets). The chairs are moving, it could get loud and immersive with all the special effects, we do not guarantee that they might get bothered.

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